About Us

Estherea is a multidisciplinary team of passionate and skilled specialists who provide individualised women-centered care. We support your needs and respect your preferences concerning your own health choices, taking hands at puberty, during pregnancy, birth, parenting & childhood, until menopause.
Our team comprises of specialist midwives, doulas, a neonatal specialist nurse, a skincare therapist and a paediatrician on-premises. We work hand in hand with a general practitioner, obstetricians & gynaecologists, and a psychologist to support each childbearing family to ensure the safe passage of the new addition to your family and promote a positive journey through your reproductive years.
At Estherea, we are family, and with each pregnancy and birth, our family grows.
“You are my people. This is where life is lived. These are the moments, the people, that make life worth living. These are the people who make life beautiful. These are my people. This is my tribe.” – Author unknown.