Active Birth Centre

We believe that birth is a normal physiological process that contributes to one of life’s most amazing experiences. We provide quality, individualised and one-on-one care in a homely environment, based on a partnership agreement between a midwife and her client. Our priority is ensuring a happy and healthy mother and baby.

Multidisciplinary team approach

  • Specialised midwives, with second midwife attending during birth
  • Back-up gynaecologists
  • On-call ambulance

Beautifully furnished en-suite private rooms

  • Partner welcome to stay over with mother after birth

Wet room

  • Pain management
  • Water birth

Private garden

  • Allows for free movement during labour

To make this day special for you is what makes us happy!

Antenatal Care

We offer individualised holistic antenatal care for a low risk pregnancy. Services include the following:

Quality antenatal care during pregnancy:

  • Pregnancy confirmation tests
  • Screening tests
  • Physical examination
  • Pregnancy check-ups (blood pressure, urine test, danger sign screening, etc)
  • Foetal well-being
  • Birth planning
  • Breastfeeding preparation

Referral services to a gynaecologist / or the provincial hospital if needed


  • Physical assistance and emotional support before and during childbirth
  • Support and education for spouse and / or family
  • Assistance with birth in private hospital or Estherea
  • Postpartum support and care

Postnatal Services

Home visits in the Bloemfontein area for all mothers who need extra care after birth (including woman who don’t deliver at Estherea)

  • Lactation consultant (breastfeeding difficulties)
  • Reassurance and assistance with any newborn queries
  • Perineum or caesarean scar checks
  • Newborn checks