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Instructions to edit page.

Use paragraph, heading, etc style for content. (see the dropdown box next to B for bold)

Title and slug/permalink

Change the title (scroll up)

  • Just below title page title, see permalink. at the end of this is “Edit”
  • Click on Edit, delete highlighted part (services-duplicate-me-and…)
    • WordPress will make a new link when you publish the page.

Main image (slider) and title

The page’s main image and title are controlled by a different app called Slider revolution.

Slider revolution

  • This helps make a nice big pick, with an animated title overlay.
  • Where is Slider Revolution: See left margin, near bottom. (if its not there, you may need to get higher level permissions)
  • Duplicate the slider you like, and change the background if you want, and change the title.

Linking slider to page:

scroll down to see revolution slider options.

  • Show slider: yes
  • Choose slider: Revolution responsive
  • Select slider: Select the one you want for this page.

Don’t like the slider, leave it off?

You can leave the slider image off. This will rather show the page title which you have set above.

  • On the right margin, find “Hide title?” – un-tick it.
  • On slider options, “Show Slider” change to No.

Getting this page on the menu

There’s a function to arrange the menu in wordpress. Find it in the left margin under Appearance. (if this feature is unavailable, you may need higher permission levels)

  • Once you have created and published this page, go to the Menu builder
  • Search for your new page, and tick “Add to menu”
  • This creates a top-level menu item (which you see on the header / main menu bar)

Sub-menu items:

There are 2 menu setups, 1 for mobile, 1 for desktops.

  • For mobile – that layout is what you see on the menu setup. You drag and drop menu items as you need in the structure.
  • For desktop, this site uses “Mega menu” – On all main/top-level menu items, if you mouse over, you will see a blue button “mega menu”
    • If you click on that you get options  to set up the layout of the sub-menu items.


Save page / publish

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These changes are only permanent when you click “save draft” / “publish” or “update”