Hannahpad – Pantyliner (2 in a box)

Hannahpad – Pantyliner (2 in a box)


Cloth pads or otherwise known as Mama Cloth, are basically reusable/ washable pads that you use during your menstrual period. They come with wings that snap underneath your underwear and stays therefore in place, permitting that your underwear fits snug.


This Organic Cotton Pantyliner is made up of 3 layers of cotton in it’s inner core. It has replaced the previous pantyliner.

Dimensions: 21cm ( L) x 18cm (W) 15g

Each pad comes with a free ziploc bag.
Absorbency 30 – 45ml

The difference between the Small and Long Pantyliner is the number of inner cotton layers.
– Small has 5 cotton layers, 20g
– Liner has 3 cotton layers, 15g

Please note that the patterns may vary from the picture.