Charne Human

Charné’s heart was shaped in midwifery when she completed a BSoc Sc(Nursing) at the University of the Free State in 2002. She worked in the private sector for approximately ten years where she was key in implementing ‘sensitive caesarean sections’. The turning point for developing her passion for midwifery came when she attended the ‘Sensitive Midwifery Symposium’ in 2008 where Elena Tornelli’s work was featured.

This prompted her to study further and graduate cum laude with an Advanced Diploma in Nursing Education in 2010; thereafter she became involved in training midwives at the Free State School of Nursing. In 2015 she completed her Advanced Diploma in Midwifery and Neonatology, finishing top of the class in theory and practical. At present she is studying towards a Masters in Midwifery.

As a specialist midwife she is heading the Active Birth Unit at Estherea with a special focus on individualised care of women and their babies. Charné feels that every woman deserves “a beautiful birth”.

She is also a mother of two and the wife of a loving husband.

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