Vianda Kruger

Vianda qualified as a Health and Skincare Therapist in 2006 and then completed a Holistic Therapies Diploma and Therapeutic Reflexology Diploma in 2007. She also received the top student achievement in all 3 her years of studying. She worked as a full time therapist for two years before starting lecturing in 2010. She has a special interest in the fields of Reflexology, Massage and Hair removal techniques.

Her passion for holistic therapies and natural birth started when a guest lecturer for Reflexology introduced her to the world of midwife led births, after which she set her mind on having a water birth one day. She is wife to a loving husband Christof, and mother of Christiaan and Markus, both born in water. Her wish for every mommy is to have a beautiful pregnancy, breathtaking birth and the privilege to breastfeed.

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